Progress Solutions, LLC helps hundreds of organizations around the world use information technology to solve business challenges, drive growth and achieve their organizational goals/objectives.

We offer the entire gamut of software development services, be it custom software development, testing, application integration and migration or consulting. Our software solutions are backed by deep domain expertise, industry experience, world-class technology skills, robust infrastructure and a global delivery model.

Custom Software Development

Progress Solutions, LLC leverages its software development experience across a range of industry verticals to offer its clients highly customized and effective software solutions. Whether it is improving performance of your existing systems or developing applications from scratch, we can tailor-make a solution for your unique requirements. Progress Solutions, LLC has a proven track record of harnessing the latest technologies to deliver a strategic advantage to its customers.

Our custom software development services help the modern-day enterprise keep pace with the rapidly changing market environment. The critical need for upgrading existing systems to allow for new processes and business needs, is also suitably catered to by our advanced custom software development services. Our custom software development services also ensure that customers are getting exactly what they want, and that they are not paying for unwanted features.

Database Conversions

Data conversion is the conversion of one form of computer data to another--the changing of bits from being in one format to a different one, usually for the purpose of application interoperability or of capability of using new features. At the simplest level, data conversion can be exemplified by conversion of a text file from one character encoding to another. More complex conversions are those of office file formats, and conversions of image and audio file formats are an endeavor that is beyond the ken of ordinary computer users.

Data Extractions

Data extraction is the act or process of retrieving (binary) data out of (usually unstructured or badly structured) data sources for further data processing or data storage (data migration). The import into the intermediate extracting system is thus usually followed by data transformation and possibly the addition of metadata prior to export to another stage in the data workflow.

Using text pattern matching to identify small or large-scale structure e.g. records in a report and their associated data from headers and footers.

Software Testing

Progress Solutions, LLC consultants use the latest tools and methodologies to help organizations increase the efficiency of their software testing processes. Our Software Testing and Validation Services are backed by rich software development experience and adhere to rigorous international standards. Our aim is not just to find defects; but to help you prevent them.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Progress Solutions, LLC's EAI solutions help organizations seamlessly integrate heterogeneous systems to achieve greater agility and adaptability. Our solutions provide clients with the flexibility to add or modify product lines and businesses in the shortest possible time, reuse existing application code, and integrate data from disparate sources.

Application Modernization Services

Progress Solutions, LLC offers innovative and efficient Application Modernization Services that help organizations move their legacy applications to a new technology environment. Our services include documentation, modernization and support and maintenance. Progress Solutions, LLC application modernization services can considerably lower your total cost of technology ownership.

Open Source Consulting

Progress Solutions, LLC helps organizations across sectors adopt cost-effective open source technologies. Our consulting services cover strategy and assessment; design, development and deployment; maintenance and support and education and training.

Software Migration

Migration of GUI based software to a Web based e-commerce capable software.